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Career Helping

Harnessing perspective and emotion in everyday pratice
Magnusson, Kris
Septembre éditeur
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Notre 1ère publication en anglais.

Harnessing Perspective and Emotion in Everyday Practice
is primarily intended to support helping professionals in the field of career development.

“ What a refreshing presentation of career development theory and practice.
This book reflects Dr. Magnusson lifetime experience of working in the career development field. He uses an eclectic range of theoretical fragments and always draws out the practical implications of the various perspectives. His language is down-to-earth and he uses concrete case illustrations to make the text come alive. What comes across is a high level of empathy, wisdom and hopefulness. Dr. Magnusson addresses the current health pandemic in his writing. His suggestions are definitely relevant for the times in which we are living.”
- Dr. Norman Amundson, Emeritus Professor, University of British Columbia

For too long, the work of career helpers has focused on helping clients acquire information and then using it to make sound occupational choices. It is not that these strategies are wrong; it is just that for many clients, other issues often have to be addressed before such “cognitive” strategies will work.

The author, renowned Canadian professor Kris Magnusson, demonstrates the importance of paying attention to client perceptions and emotions in order to help them navigate increasingly complex and unique personal career challenges, and provides strategies that career development practitioners can use to harness the power of perception and emotion in their everyday practice.

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